Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The unexpected date

So a personal update:

Apparently I've been dating and only realized it lately. I guess I was waiting for the word 'date' to pop up for it to be official.

We'd been introduced by a mutual friend, and we got together for dinner and a movie. Admittedly sounds like a date (and was followed by going to the park to watch the stars), but it's nothing I wouldn't do with friends, too. It felt a smidge ambiguous, and I didn't want to assume things.

Last night was our third date, and he used the word 'date.' I guess it was confirmation of what I'd been suspecting all along; felt like a date, looked like a date, probably was a date. I'm a little too analytical sometimes, though, so I didn't want to put a word on it that wasn't right. Even though I wasn't sure about the word, I went along with the flow because it felt good and nice. Sure, the word changes some things, but it also doesn't change the substance. I guess it's my Zen experience talking; sometimes naming something or analyzing it gets in the way of living it (definitely true!).

What gets me is how, well, unexpected it was. I wasn't really looking. I didn't meet him with that expectation. I wasn't prepared at all.

He's also moving away in a little while.

This fits into no one's five year plan.

But I don't much care right now. It's OK to let things be, to enjoy life as it unfolds in the present moment.


ariel said...

I was talking to a girlfriend yesterday and we noted that most of the stuff we do together (dinners, movies, watching clouds) would be considered a "date" by our parents if one of us was a guy. (Incidentally, we got asked whether we're a couple about three times yesterday.)
I'm sorry that you weren't prepared for dating. Sometimes these things just happen... do you like him?

Alice said...

Hey- Remember how Elliott wasn't officially my boyfriend until like 6 months after we started seeing each other. Not quite like your situation (I assume...) but titles are dumb.

That being said: Kiss-y face?

Karl Julian said...

Ariel- that is funny! That's why it took me a while to gather enough information to be sure that that's what was happening. I do enjoy his company a lot, that's for sure. Plus, he's handsome.

Alice- A gentleman wouldn't say such things. Especially on a blog his bishop knows about.

Country Parson said...

Subtle profundity and more than a little vulnerability. That takes both intelligence and courage.

Kim Stiens said...