Saturday, May 16, 2009

Westboro, Day 2

Today was the second day of Westboro "Baptist Church" protests in Omaha (or so I think). Today they were protesting at the graduations of two local high schools. 

Our mission was to be focused not on countering their message but providing a completely different one: Congratulations to the graduates! Instead of making the young adults have to suffer because two groups of people were fighting over God, we change the rules of the game. We provide cheering and loud congratulations to the graduates and their families so that they remember it as a great day when people came to support them. 

It was great to more or less ignore the Westboro group's message and give a message of joy and love to the graduates. Plus, we got to have fun. 

Of course the Westboro group's heart didn't seem to be in it; they're in town because one of them is due in court in Sarpy County because of flag desecration. They weren't really enthusiastic about being there. They didn't taunt, they didn't do much at all. But that definitely was a win for the graduates. 

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Country Parson said...

You will notice that no one has picked up on the Westboro gang posts. I think that they have become caricatures of themselves whose shock value has long since expired. Compared to a variety of radio and television personalities, they just cannot generate much interest or entertainment value. The greater danger is from those who are able to command both attention and followers.