Thursday, September 25, 2008

Credo in Unum Deum...

Today for theological study we had to compose a brief statement of our beliefs. We could format it like the Nicene Creed or like something else. I didn't get to finish it, but I thought I'd go ahead and do so:

I believe in God the Sovereign Creator of all, the Lover of all, and the One in whom all have their being. God the Lover burns with compassion and devotion for us even when we turn away. God the Lover's justice is powerful and calls us all to repentance and restoration, yet God the Lover's mercy is what restores us in repentance. We adore you, O Most Holy Lord God. Hear our prayer that you may abide with us!

I believe in Jesus Christ, God-among-us, the Eternal Word who joins humanity and all creation to God. Christ, called God the Beloved, is the source of all our hope and all our strength. For our salvation, the Eternal Word was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was named Jesus. He proclaimed the Reign of God, calling us to turn to God and to serve our neighbor. In Christ the weak are strong, the blind see, the poor are filled, and the imprisoned are set free. Because of his immense love for God and humanity and because of our human frailty, Jesus was crucified. He suffered and died. God the Beloved suffered and died. On the third day God overcame the powers of death, fear and destruction and was resurrected. God the Beloved walked among the disciples, eating with them and teaching them. God the Beloved then ascended into Heaven and awaits the day in which creation will be judged and purified. We adore you, O Christ. Hear our prayer that we may abide with you!

I believe in the Holy Spirit, God the breath that sustains and preserves us. The Holy Spirit is the source of love and is therefore called Love itself. God-who-is-Love sancitifies us and proclaims the truth to all generations. We adore you, O Holy Spirit. Hear our prayer that we may abide in you as you abide in us!

I believe that God has consecrated a pilgrim people to be the abiding witness to the Gospel in the world and that this people is the Church. The Church finds its being in the continued sustaining presence of the Holy Spirit. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is the Body of Christ in creation: One, because it has one God, one Lord, one Shepherd; Holy, because it is continually consecrated to God in eternal union and brings the light of Christ to creation; Catholic, because God is sovereign over all the universe; Apostolic, because through the laying on of hands, through the Holy Eucharist and through baptism are the worship, faith and teachings entrusted to new generations since the time of the Apostles and because the Church is called to proclaim the Gospel. The Church awaits the resurrection of the dead and the eternal life in God's presence.


It's actually quite fascinating to write down what we would say is our own personal creed. What would you write?

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Country Parson (Steven Woolley) said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Karl (???). What a delight to have you here. You have written a fine and most poetic creed. I hope it gets lots of responses, although mine may not be among them right away.